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Wednesday, April 20, 2005                                                                                       View Comments

Desperately Clinging to Free Will

I just visited a site called last night and was reading through a page that was entitled "Atheists have Proven God Does Not Exist. Right?" I started skimming through it and came to stop at his explanation of why his god can be omniscient while he, and everyone else, can still maintain free will. This what he had to say about the former:

The Christian God exists in at least two time dimensions, therefore His free-will is not hindered by our dimension of time. He stands both above and within our time line, since our line of time runs through His plane of time. The argument totally falls apart at this point.

He really thinks his "two dimensions of time" hypothesis solves the problem! Isn't that cute? He's so proud of his indestructible little pseudoscientific creation that I almost hate to demolish it, almost.

Whether his god lives in one, two or ten dimensions of time (he elaborates on another page it's actually ten) it does absolutely nothing to remove the problem. God would still have known everything he would do an eternity before he created the universe. His actions would not fall outside is knowledge! He would just be a robot acting out everything he already knew he would do! How sad is that? It really sucks the omnipotence out of being omniscient doesn't it?

He then moves on to people and why he believes we still have free will:

The two dimensions of time take care of this one, too. God knows what each person will do and can put him anywhere in our time line to accomplish His purposes. Complete free-will and complete predestination is possible in two dimensions of time. However, this concept may require some time to think about.

Now he says that his god uses time travel, wisking people from destination to destination to accomplish his master plan. That's all fine and dandy and makes me think this guy is a Quantum Leap fan, but it still fails to remove the problem. God would still know exactly what everyone would do no matter what place in time they were doing it. No matter what he did to "change" things, that's exactly what he would have foresaw eons ago. There is no escape.

There is a very good reason why Christians try so hard to make predestination and free will fit. It's because if you remove free will then God becomes the author of all good and evil, exactly as he admits in Isaiah 45:7. Everything that everyone ever did and ever would do would be have been meticulously planned out before anything was created. Imagine the implications that this has on the way a Christian views a serial killer or a mass murderer. Everyone of the victim's deaths were all planned out, down to the tiniest detail, billions and billions of years before they were even conceived! It's no wonder they're so desperate!

I'm glad I don't believe in any of this insanity. I'm also glad that I can so easily pick it apart. It makes me proud that I can defeat something that has fooled so many people for so many centuries! I can't say it's been all me, though. I've had a lot of help along the way. I have truly stood on the shoulders of giants! So, in closing, I offer everyone the same opportunity:

Without these people to guide me it is possible I could have slid back into belief. I could have been convinced, under the right circumstances, with some of the more potent arguments out there had I not known the antidotes in advance. It's very unlikely, though. With "atheist" tattooed on my stomach, I have a daily reminder of who I am and just how convinced I am that no gods or goddesses exist. I will not be taken, again.

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