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William Edelen
November 30, 2003

Behind every gun in the mideast bloodbath is a religious scripture. Jew and Muslims are slaughtering each other over religion. They are butchering each other over their claim that this is "sacred" ground for their religious tradition. Both are claiming that "God" gave it to them. It is religion that feeds and fuels the violence and the slaughtering of other human beings, and all being done in "Gods" name.

If I hear one more empty airhead use the stupid cliche that "without religion there would be no morality", I think I'll throw up. The fact is this: religion is the direct cause of immorality and amorality. Without religion this earth would be a far, far more peaceful place with far more harmony between cultures and people. Every war going on today on this earth has religion as the fuel keeping it alive.

Protestants and Catholics are slaughtering each other in Ireland. The Catholic Croats and Orthodox Christian Serbs slaughtered each other while both slaughtered the Bosnian Muslims. Hindus slaughter Muslims and Sikhs slaughter Hindus in India. In Pakistan Sunni Muslims and Shite Muslims slaughter each other Crusaders for God hack to death thousands in Algeria and cut off their heads. Christianity spread across Europe in the Crusades and Inquisitions and butchered or burned Muslims, Jews and Protestants. Christian missionaries swarmed down on the New World and brutalized all native peoples bringing with them violent Christianity topped off with all the other diseases of white men.

I don't know how many times I have heard some featherhead jabber about those "horrible atheists, Stalin and Hitler and the killing they did. " Hitler was no atheist, but what a joke. Hitler and Stalin were pikers, second stringers in killing, compared to those who have "killed for God".

If you start adding up the religious killing "for God" over the past 3000 years, starting with the slaughtering of nomadic people as recorded in the Old Testament by Moses and others, then you count your way through the slaughtering of Meso Americans, Aztecs, Incas and Mayas by Christian zealots; then count your way through the astronomical figures given by historians of those slaughtered in the Crusades and Inquisitions (over eight million "witches" alone) then pick up the count today in 2003 of all the killing going on around the world in the "name of God". Well, as you can plainly see, Hitler and Stalin were pikers compared to "killers for God".

"Without religion there would be no morality" many blabber about. What brainless drivel.

Behind every gun today in the bloodbath of the Mideast is a religious scripture...and the Jews say "this is our sacred ground" and the Muslims say "this is our sacred ground"...and both tell the other "God gave it to us, not you...and we are going to kill you to prove it...kill you in the name of our "God:".

As long as they both have 'religion'...there will never be peace.

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