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Wednesday, November 09, 2005                                                                                       View Comments

Father tells court he trusted God to heal sick son

The High Court at Whangarei has heard that a Northland father on trial for the manslaughter of his baby son, had little faith in doctors but trusted God to heal the child.

David Tribble is accused with his wife Catherine of failing to provide the medical help needed by their baby, who died at four months.

The court has heard the baby was ill with a stomach bug for about three weeks, but died of septicaemia from a kidney infection discovered at the post mortem.

In a police video interview, David Tribble says he saw the demonic spirit of death on Caleb's face four days before he died, and he and his father prayed for the baby - who then improved.

He said he was prepared to take Caleb to hospital two days later on the advice of the public health nurse, but after hearing the baby had improved she said to wait and see.

Mr Tribble said if anyone had told him he must take the baby to hospital now, he would have.