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Christian help for responding to atheists, evolutionists

The following is from Agape Press (Reliable News from a Christian Source):

WM note: All you science minds out there, please read the following, watch the video clip, and let us know what's wrong with their thinking. Have fun!

A well-known evangelist and Christian television show host is trying to equip believers to respond effectively to atheists.

In his book Intelligent Design vs. Evolution: Letters to an Atheist, Ray Comfort uses actual e-mails between himself and an atheist that took place several years ago. When the atheist inquired why Comfort did not accept "scientific facts" supporting the theory of evolution, the evangelist responded that there was more proof that the world is flat. That interchange eventually led to Comfort's writing of the book.

Comfort contends that many Christians do not know how to respond to atheists' questions about intelligent design, or ID. The evangelist maintains that God's Word can be defended scientifically, historically, and logically.

"When it comes down to it, there are no scientific arguments for evolution," he points out. "Evolutionists use a specific language -- it's called the language of speculation ...."

And when using that language, Comfort contends that evolutionists use phrases such as "Well, we believe," and terms such as "perhaps," "maybe," "could have," and "possibly."

"They continually use [that phraseology] because there's no basis for what they're saying," says the host of the program The Way of the Master. "It's all conjecture."

But when it comes to creation, Comfort explains, there is what he describes as "absolute, hard, scientific, empirical evidence." In fact, Comfort claims to be able to prove God's existence scientifically in two minutes -- without the use of "faith."

Christians' response to naysayers, he suggests, is first to explain that the word "science" simply means "knowledge." Then, he says, engage them with the following: "Let me give you knowledge of a Creator. To have a building, you must have a builder. To have a painting, you must have a painter. Buildings don't happen without a builder; paintings don't happen without a painter. Creation cannot happen without a Creator."

Comfort's co-host on The Way of the Master is Christian actor and speaker Kirk Cameron. His book Intelligent Design vs. Evolution -- as well as a board game based on the book -- is available through the Internet at Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis recommends the board game for families, saying it will help them to become better equipped to "defend our precious Christian faith."