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Pastor must pay taxes or go to jail

CHARLOTTE NC — A senior pastor charged with tax evasion must pay the IRS $13,000 by Monday or risk being taken back into custody, ruled a federal judge on Friday.

John Henry Walker, pastor at the Macedonia Baptist Church, was indicted last May for underreporting his income between 1999 and 2003 by more than half a million dollars.

He is also accused of evading federal income taxes of more than $125,000.

He was in court Friday because he still owes $7,300 from his 2004 tax return and $5,700 from 2005.

United States District Judge Frank Whitney ruled Walker must make full payment by 5 p.m. Monday, and also must prove that none of the money came from the church.

In November, Walker pled guilty to nine felony charges. Last month, the church voted for Walker to continue to lead the 500-member church north of Uptown.


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