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Whoremonging pastor gets stung

West Palm Beach Police said one of their police officers was posing as a prostitute on South Dixie near the Economy Inn on Friday. During the sting they arrested 13 people. One of them is a pastor of a church.

Ronald McCaskill, known as "Pastor Ron" by his congregation, is one of 13 men police arrested during a prostitution solicitation sting on Friday. McCaskill was arrested at about 2:00 in the afternoon. By 11:00 P.M. he'd posted $250 dollar bond and been released.

“Every Sunday is a celebration,” Jose Gablus, a member of the McCaskill’s congregation said.

He said this Sunday was no different. Congregation members said McCaskill was back on the pulpit at the New Life Christian Centre in Port Saint Lucie.

“Pastor Ron himself will preach that on the pulpit, that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes including himself,” Patricia McKelvy, a member of New Life Christian Centre said.

Word of his arrest didn't seem to shake many congregation members, who stood firm with beliefs they say they'd learned from McCaskill.

“With a man that's so compassionate and pours out his heart like that, it's hard to believe that a small situation like this would be used against him,” Gablus said, “It's not going to break us. All this is going to do is make us stronger and make us realize that the devil is out there to try to destroy us.”

“All the positive we do, nobody wants to know anything about it, however here we are because the pastor supposedly did something and I don't believe he did,” McKelvy said.

Ultimately that will be up to the courts to decide. West Palm Beach Police said their stings typically include video and audio surveillance.

Police said this is McCaskill's first offense.

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