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Founder of Christian school solicits sex in exchange for diploma

The founder of a Christian school is confronted after 13 Undercover catches him soliciting sex from a parent, who's trying to get her daughter a high school diploma.

At graduation ceremonies he talks about God, but you'll hear the founder of a Houston-area Christian school not only talk about sex, but ask for it on tape.

It's the middle of the day when a white pickup truck pulls into the back of a motel on 1960. Then it goes to the very back to park for a long while. We already know who the driver is. His name is LaVern Jordan and he runs Parkway Christian School.

Dolcefino: "What were you doing there at the La Quinta."

Jordan: "I wasn't doing anything at the La Quinta sir."

Dolcefino: "Were you there?"

Jordan: "I was there."

Dolcefino: "What were you doing there?"

Jordan: "I was just driving around. Why?"

Of course when Mr. Jordan was parked all that time, we were undercover just a couple of cars away.

Dolcefino: "Were you going there to get lucky?"

Jordan: "No, absolutely not."

Dolcefino: "You weren't going there for sex?"

Jordan: "No."

The woman getting in Jordan's passenger seat is a parent who's been trying to get her 18 year daughter enrolled in Jordan's school.

"She hadn't passed the TAKS test and she hasn't got all her credits, that's the reason we are going to that school," the mother told us.

A fee to the school and some course work can get students a diploma without passing the required state test at Parkway Christian School, where the Web site boasts, "a program based on Christian character, morals, values and integrity."

Dolcefino: "How long were you talking to him before sex came into it?"

Mother: "No longer than five or ten minutes."

Dolcefino: "What were you thinking?"

Mother: "This man has got to be crazy."

Now back to Jordan.

Dolcefino: "There's no tape?"

Jordan: "Will you get out of my way please?"

Dolcefino: "There's no tape of you and this woman?"

Jordan: "No. Wayne will you please move? No."

Dolcefino: "Well, you're going to hear it."

And so are you.

Jordan on tape: "Do you have sexual relationships often anymore? Are you seeing a man now?"

Mother: "No. Nuh-uh."

Jordan had already promised to waive the $300 school enrollment fee for a much different kind of payment.

Jordan: "For the uh, enrollment fee and stuff like that, maybe you and I can do something, you think?"

Mother: "Yeah, what, I mean what, what, you gonna wipe out all the fees?"

Jordan: "All the enrollment fees."

Mother: "All the enrollment fees?"

Jordan: "Three hundred dollars."

Mother: "So you gonna wipe everything if me and you get together?"

Jordan: "The enrollment fee, yeah."

Mother: "Ok."

Jordan: "If you and I get together."

Mother: "What you mean? I mean, what?

Jordan: "Excuse me and I don't mean to be so blunt but I am talking about f------ you."

Mother: "You talking about what?"

Jordan: "F------ you."

"I couldn't believe someone was saying such things like that," the mother told us. "I couldn't believe it."

And the tape shows Jordan wasn't just talking about a one time thing.

Jordan: "For the $300 I would expect maybe we could get together several times, you think?"

Mother: "Several times, whatcha mean several times?"

Jordan: "Well I don't know, you might like whatcha getting."

Jordan was ready for action right then.

Jordan: "If you're not in like just a great big hurry, I know uh, of a place not too far that we can go and I can just do that we can just do some play around a little bit. Would you like that?"

Jordan: "We could go and we could do some t--ty play."

Jordan wanted to make sure no one else would know.

Jordan: "Nobody else will know nothing?"

Mother: "Nuh-uh."

Jordan: "Can I touch you?"

But our parent will make Mr. Jordan wait for his sexual rendezvous and this time she'll be carrying our hidden camera and microphone.

"I was meeting with him specifically for y'all to expose him to the world and to those parents sending their kids up there," the mother told us.

Thursday at 10pm, the rendezvous we caught on tape. You won't hear it anywhere else.