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Pastor arrested for criminal domestic violence

Dr. William R. Crews, 73 and founder of "The Awakening Hour" television ministry, was arrested for criminal domestic violence on July 29, according to reports from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. He was released on July 30.

Spartanburg County Dispatchers received a 911 call from Freda Crews at 7:16 p.m. on the date.

From Crew's website: Dr. William R. Crews is a native of Starke, Florida. In his early life he was a professional pool hustler who later became an alcoholic. After being saved out of a life of deep sin, the Lord called him to preach the Gospel and to teach the Word of God. Freda told a deputy who responded to the scene that William came to the house drunk while she was sleeping. Freda said she and William began to argue and she came to fear for her safety.

She became so frightened, she told officers, that she locked herself in a bathroom with a gun. She then called her daughter and told her to call 911.

Freda told the deputy that it wasn’t the first time William had been violent with her, but it was the first time she’d called. Sheriff’s Office reports stated there were no visible marks either Freda or William.

William admitted to officers that he’d been drinking and also admitted there was a gun in the dash of his car.