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Flapjack features a familiar face

"I flipped the pancake, looked down and then called for my finance. I get chills when I think about it." -- Amy Clark, pancake cook

Amy Clark of Conneaut, Ohio, can whip up one heavenly breakfast.

On Sunday morning, Clark was at her griddle preparing a batch of pancakes when one of the tasty concoctions caught her eye. She stared at the pancake -- and it stared back.

As the pancake cooked, an image began taking shape. The outline of a man popped forth -- a man with a dark beard. "Everyone I show it to thinks it's the face of Jesus," Clark said.

Clark, 25, was shocked to see a religious figure in her breakfast food.

"I flipped the pancake, looked down and then called for my fiancé," she said. "I get chills when I think about it."

Photos taken of the pious pancake were circulated among friends and co-workers for their opinions. Nearly everyone agrees with Clark's assessment.

"99.9 percent of them think it looks like Jesus," Clark said.

Clark describes herself as spiritual but no religious zealot.

"I go to church once in awhile," Clark said. "But I believe in God and pray to God."

The image appeared at a special time in Clark's life, she said.

"There's a lot of things I've been praying for," she said. "My fiancé and I are pregnant after trying for a long time. We're going to be married next month."

The happy couple are interpreting the visage as encouraging sign, Clark said with a chuckle.

Lots of folks feel good after seeing the image, Clark said.

"People think it's a blessing," she said. "They get happy."