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Friday, January 18, 2008                                                                                       View Comments

Pastor and wife split

In divorce court: Megachurch pastor Jamal-Harrison Bryant and his wife of 5 1/2 years, Gizelle Bryant.

She filed in Montgomery County on Jan. 9, alleging adultery. She states in court papers that the pastor makes more than $350,000 a year.

He filed in Baltimore City the same day. His complaint says nothing about cheating. It does state that "there is no hope of reconciliation."

"This is a private matter between Dr. Bryant and his wife, and we'd like to keep this matter private," said Jimmy A. Bell, lawyer for the Empowerment Temple pastor.

The couple have three children, 1-year-old twins and a 3-year-old.

The big question: Who gets the Bentley?