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Get on the Atheist Bus -- in Indiana!

Sent in by Eoban Binder

The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign has formed in Bloomington to spread the word: “You can be good without God.”

Through advertising on buses across Indiana, the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign has partnered with the American Humanist Association in hopes of promoting a lively and respectful discussion in the community and to counter the stigma against voicing atheist views.

The campaign has launched with a short video (above), which can also be seen at also features information about atheism and quotes from famous supporters of the idea that people can be good without god or religion.

“If you look at the numbers, about 15% of the population of the US are non-religious,” says Charlie Sitzes, a member of the campaign. That amounts to an estimated 46 million non-religious people in 2008, a number that has been growing over the past two decades.

The Indiana campaign is modeled after the Atheist Bus Campaign, which began in London with ads on buses bearing the message, “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Similar ad campaigns have since sprung up in in cities around the world, including in Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Croatia, and Australia. The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign is the first group to promote atheist bus ads in the heart of the Bible belt.

“Many closeted atheists need a voice,” says member Caroline Klein. “For me, this campaign tells them that they’re not alone, that it’s OK to be an atheist.”

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