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Thou shalt not copy: Playmobil is not playing around

Sent in by David

A priest has been propagating the Xtian myth by altering Playmobil characters to illustrate Biblical fairy tales. link

This has to be child abuse, akin to creating Kennedy and Krushchev action men that come with a big red button and one of them has to win the race.

It must be wrong to fill a child's mind with mythology like this. Here in the UK, it is not allowed to advertise certain products when the TV schedule is full of kids' programs. Why are the religious nuts allowed to proselytize?

At least Playmobil has the good sense to put a stop to it. Lawyers for the a legal firm based in Zirndorf, southern Germany have demanded 38-year-old priest Father Markus Bomhard to scrap his Playmobil Children's Bible Plan -- despite backing from the Pope -- telling him he has no permission for the project and must no longer use the name Playmobil, dress figures in Biblical costumes, or photograph them.

That said, the modelling is quite cute, nonetheless.

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