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Saturday, March 01, 2008                                                                                       View Comments

Misinformed about evolution theory

By Jim G

It is disappointing to read opinions by misinformed individuals on the theory of evolution, or it might just be an expression of the paranoia some have for anything that they perceive threatens their little world.

First the theory is not politically based. Like all scientific theory, it is based on observation of data. It is not a Faith or Belief. These are based on an acceptance of a Truth which requires no evidence for support. All theories require empirical evidence, and most well-educated people are quite aware of the evidence and understand the validity of the theory, and, like most educated people, they also know theories are subject to adjustment as more information comes in.

And the information coming in reinforces the theory.

In evolution a random mutation results in a change that is either detrimental, useless or beneficial to the organism. If it is not beneficial, it is eliminated very quickly. If beneficial then it becomes a new starting point. Dog, horse, plant and bird breeders use the concept all the time. Mother nature is an even better master of the process.

Evolutionary theory also has nothing to do with atheism. Atheism is a fact-less statement that a supreme being does not exist. This is a belief and is divorced from theory just as a belief in a divine creator is. For those who wish to understand this further I suggest a little science education would come in handy.

I find that most people who insist that the theory has no merit almost invariably have very limited science education. (OK! They're ignorant. I said it.) Or they have personal problems with it, and that is their problem. Don't dump it on others.

For those who feel that the so-called intelligent design concept should be taught along with the theory of evolution, I suggest they remember that a free society maintains a separation of church and state. If they don't like that, I suggest a move to Saudi Arabia. They love that kind of stuff. Hmmm.

How about the theory of evolution being introduced on the pulpit as an alternative to Genesis?