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Wednesday, March 26, 2008                                                                                       View Comments

Pastor charged with forgery

Randy Baldridge is the pastor of a church in Galena, Kansas, and is charged with forging a $100,000 check.

Authorities say the name he put on the check is Nancy Sarduck. Sarduck was at one time one of Baldridge's parishioners.

He also presided over her husband's funeral in July.

Baldridge is the pastor of 6th Street Baptist Church in Galena, Kansas.

He allegedly made a check out to Assembly of God Financial Solutions for an investment program based in Springfield, Missouri.

Sarduck says she received a letter in the mail thanking her for the investment. She told the company she never wrote the check.

Court documents say the check was from a closed Commerce Bank account originally opened by Baldridge.

The sheriff's department says they do not know what the motive was behind this alleged act.

But Sarduck says she feels betrayed by the man who laid her husband to rest.

"I think that he thought I was grieving so much, that he though he would get by with it," Sarduck says. "Whether he's done someone else like this, I don't know."

Sarduck says it is disappointing to consider that Baldridge had preached to her about morals and even led a course on identity theft.

The check however was never cashed, never lost any money during this incident.

A Newton County judge pulled the sheriffs department arrest warrant and has required him to appear in court Wednesday on the charges.