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Pastor charged with soliciting sex

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Police arrested the senior pastor at St. Luke's Lutheran church in Dilworth after a sting at Park Road Park where they say Robert Graff tried to solicit an undercover male police officer for sex.

"He's a great man, he's a wonderful man. I'm shocked,” said one church member.

The 58-year-old Graff is married and has been the pastor at St. Luke’s for the past four years. The business administrator at the church told us there would be no comment except that members were, “sorting it all out.”

Graff was charged and released with a promise to appear in court. He came to his church for a Wednesday night supper, where members closed ranks, and supported their senior pastor.

"Can you tell us what he's like as a pastor?," WCNC asked another church member arriving at St. Luke's Wednesday night.

“Great,” she answered.