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Sunday, October 21, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

Halloween a serious threat to Christians?

Sent in by Beaster

Once again, we have Christians telling us what a holiday is or isn't about. Now they are threatened by Halloween, yet have no problem rubbing Christmas in the face of others and get offended if you use Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Wow, the hypocrisy. The following is a letter that was sent in to the Dallas Morning News regarding the celebration of Halloween. Pathetic....
Halloween is a controversial holiday, as reflected in your columns. However, it's very easy to discover its origins, roots and current impact on our "Christian" society.

While we continue to say we're a Christian nation, how has the very demonic Halloween holiday become so popular that it is second only to Christmas in its profit and celebration?

Satanists practice sacrifices, mutilations, and many horrific religious rites on this, their high holy day. Why would any of us want to participate in celebrating a holiday that reflects demons (not sweet little imps and spirits of departed souls) who are very real?

One of the problems is our lack of knowledge of what the holiday is about, and the other is our lack of teaching our children the significance of any participation, i.e., carnivals, harvest festivals, all of which are our way of compromising our values.

Another problem is our inability to say no to our children when it comes to celebrating this holiday. Halloween isn't a "fun, simple and sweet" holiday, and we should not waver but "stay true to our values."

What do you think?