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Thursday, October 11, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

Eternal Forces strikes back

Remember that Christian video game called Eternal Forces that came out last year? Well, apparently, criticism of the game caused sales to lag a bit. And in response, Left Behind Games is fighting back.

The following is from GamePolitics.Com:

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger…

(Ezekiel 25:17 …and, of course, Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction)

Numerous reports have surfaced on the web over the last few days regarding legal threats made against blog sites by Left Behind Games, publishers of a controversial real-time strategy title based upon the mega-selling Christian book series.

Gameology writes:

You’ve probably seen that we’ve posted some rather critical remarks on the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces… we’re apparently on [CEO] Troy Lyndon’s radar… On Monday, they escalated their response by sending me a nastygram threatening me with legal action unless I remove “false and misleading” comments from this website.

…The goal of this letter is apparently to intimidate me… On free-speech grounds, then, I feel obligated to stand by my comments and not be intimidated by a frivolous threat intended to chill legitimate criticism.

The better-able-to-defend-itself Daily Kos apparently received a letter as well. At the Public Theologian, Tim Simpson writes:

I got a letter today from… [an] attorney representing Left Behind Games warning me that if I did not remove all of the false and misleading information about their product that I would face legal action.

The Left Behind folks, still reeling from their disastrous launch last year, are gearing up for the release of their expansion pack next month… As an offensive strategy, they are trying to intimidate the Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in the blogosphere who led the charge against this awful game…

…Christians should not sit silently while corporate money-grubbers make a buck out of perverting the Christian faith. Nor should we sit silently when a game is marketed to children promoting religious violence while American soldiers are dying overseas in the middle of a religious and ethnic civil war.

GP: Suing the blogosphere? Good luck. Such bully tactics are likely to bring the wrath of bloggers - and their readers - down up Left Behind Games.

Come to think if it, Left Behind has a history of watching the blogs. We’ve had a few comments placed here on GP by a company employee. I wonder if The Daily Show and Jack Thompson got nastygrams as well?